1.1 version character balance adjustment


Overview of Role Balance Adjustment in Version 1.1
*At present, the role balance adjustment is conducted every three weeks, and the role balance cycle may be adjusted in the future.
1.Health reduced: 3003 → 2953
2.Sub-Melee Derivative: Overall damage reduced by 35 points (First hit damage reduction rate 17.5% → 20%, Second hit damage 210 → 195, Third hit damage 375 → 360, Third hit damage after unlocking Talent IV 510 → 480)

1.Adjust melee damage: Main Melee overall increase by 15 points, Forward + Main Melee reduced by 15 points, Left/Right + Main Melee overall increase by 6 points
2.Sub-Melee: Overall damage reduced by 85 points (Single hit damage 150 → 120, Down value 20 → 15)
3.Burst Technique pressure attack activation time: 0.495 → 0.825 seconds

Sub-Melee maximum seeking time: 1.5 seconds → 1 second

1.Back + Main Shooting activation time when used after charging through other skills: 0.231 seconds → 0.462 seconds, bullet extension speed: 400 m/s → 250 m/s
2.Sub-Melee: Ammo is immediately consumed upon entering the skill, energy recovery upon landing after two-stage charge: 100% → 50%
3.Buff: Back + Main Melee gains super armor effect when immediately released after two-stage charge from other skills
4.Adjustment: Sub-Shooting overall damage reduced, subsequent combo damage increased: Single hit damage 60 → 19.5, Down value 5 → 3, damage reduction rate 5% → 2%
5.Fix: Issues where Main Melee + Sub-Shooting derivative bullets may not hit the target
6.Fix: Issues where Forward + Main Melee causes target to stay down for a long time if interrupted

Sub-Melee first hit, Left/Right + Main Melee final hit, delay recovery timing: 1.2 → 1.5 seconds

Left/Right/Back + Sub-Melee: Adjust speed curve, displacement changes from up-down to direct downward

Main Shooting ammo cooldown reduced: 5 seconds → 4 seconds

1.Sub-Shooting: Displacement speed 20 m/s → 25 m/s, remove restriction when energy is empty
2.Back + Main Shooting: Motion adjustment, activation time: 0.594 seconds → 0.33 seconds
3.Main Shooting, Back + Main Shooting: Single hit damage increased by 15 points
4.Sub-Melee: Interval between beam attacks: 0.099 → 0.066 seconds

Snow Owl
1.Sub-Shooting state Main Shooting damage: 345 → 405
2.Sub-Melee damage reduction rate: 80% → 50%
3.Adjust Back + Sub-Melee Talent III additional grenade spread angle 30° → 40°, fix issue where explosion would not trigger correctly if other characters were within the range

1.Entering Blooming state recovers Back + Sub-Shooting / Sub-Melee ammo
2.During hit stun, you can directly exit the Blooming state without needing to play the exit action after getting up.

1.Sub-Melee bullets are now fired simultaneously, minimum time to cancel path after entering skill: 0.462 → 0.330 seconds
2.Reduce minimum time to cancel Left/Right/Back + Sub-Melee by Main Shooting: 0.660 → 0.429 seconds
3.Seven Guns

1.Main Shooting can be canceled by Forward + Main Melee
2.Sub-Melee activation time: 0.495 seconds → 0.33 seconds
3.Back + Sub-Melee aiming duration: 0.33 seconds → 0.495 seconds

Adjust melee damage: Main Melee overall increase by 9 points, Left/Right + Main Melee overall increase by 11 points, Forward + Main Melee overall reduction by 33 points
Forward + Main Melee: Hit target will bounce upon contact with the ground

Adjust melee damage: Main Melee overall reduction by 9 points, Left/Right + Main Melee overall reduction by 9 points
Sub-Shooting Derivative: Overall damage increased by 70 points (First hit single damage 90 → 105, Down value 3 → 6, damage reduction rate 10% → 5%; Second hit damage 300 → 345)
Sub-Melee Derivative: Overall damage increased by 76 points (First hit damage 120 → 210, Down value 5 → 10, damage reduction rate 10% → 15%; Second hit damage 150 → 240, Down value 15 → 10, damage reduction rate 90% → 15%)

1.Riding state Sub-Shooting action time: 1 second → 0.660 seconds
2.Riding state Main Shooting initial tracking increased, hit stun: paralysis → small knockback
3.Optimize hand feel for riding state Left/Right + Sub-Shooting, Sub-Melee skills ending
4.Adjust riding state Main Melee: Minimum attack activation time 0.297 → 0.198 seconds, overall damage reduced by 65 points (Single hit damage 150 → 90, Down value 20 → 8, damage reduction rate 20% → 8%)

1.Health reduced: 3120 → 3020
2.Winged state Main Shooting damage: 195 → 345, Down value 50 → 120
3.Fix: Talent V unlocked winged state Burst Technique may have incorrect target hit issues
4.Nerf: Winged state Forward + Main Melee: Now requires hitting target to move laterally

1.Main Shooting damage reduced: Single hit damage 120 → 114 (Four hits total reduce by 20 points)
2.Nerf: Back + Sub-Melee: Shield generates 0.66 seconds of pause when hit by ranged attack, ammo will not be refreshed by stellar burst
3.Nerf: Sub-Melee activation time: 0.363 seconds → 0.429 seconds, net center hitting terrain will destroy it, paralysis duration will not reset if hit again while paralyzed
4.New: Main Shooting can be canceled by Back + Main Shooting
5.New: Back + Main Shooting can be canceled by any direction Sub-Melee
6.New: Back + Sub-Shooting can be canceled by any direction Sub-Melee
7.Buff: Back + Sub-Shooting bullets cannot be cut off before reaching target
8.Fix: Back + Sub-Shooting may deduct ammo but not fire bullet if interrupted
9.Buff: Back + Main Shooting activation time: 0.561 seconds → 0.33 seconds
10.Back + Main Shooting initial speed decreased, end speed increased: 20 m/s0 m/s → 10 m/s10 m/s

1.Adjust descending state Sub-Melee shield collision damage: 210 → 345, Down value 10 → 120, immediately clears Sub-Melee ammo when hitting other characters, shield generates 0.066 seconds pause when hit by ranged skills
2.Strengthen Sub-Shooting: Hit stun duration: 0.5 → 1.1 seconds, cooldown time: 5 → 3 seconds (in descending state, 7 seconds → 6 seconds)

Adjust Back + Main Shooting: Bomb starts homing towards target will have infrared indication

Adjust Sub-Melee: Normal state shield rush speed increased: 15 m/s → 18 m/s, but in dual state shield rush will no longer benefit from melee-type stellar burst seeking speed boost

1.Adjust dual state Forward + Main Melee: Skill can be immediately canceled into Forward + Main Melee, Main Melee, Left/Right Main Melee after hitting target, liberation state Forward + Main Melee stabs target will automatically enter next attack action
2.Adjust liberation state Sub-Melee: Can now be used as ground skill, Talent I ground attack activation time advanced
3.Fix: Sub-Melee Derivative may have second hit miss issue

1v1 Mode
1.Standby character rebound speed: 50% → 25%
2.At the end of battle time, if both sides are tied, both are judged as losing
3.Ascension,During descent process, using Ascension only inherits 50% horizontal speed in the first 10 frames (0.33 seconds)

Remove initial energy cost of Defense (excluding XiaoLing, Virtues)

Optimize character movement trajectory during Dodge
Under red lock, if the first hit of melee is dodged, subsequent combos can still connect if they hit the target. (In version 1.0, if the first hit was dodged, subsequent hits could not connect even